Ruth Huimerind is a designer, who has realized herself in different fields of art. She started her career as a poster artist. The most memorable are known as “blue posters”, created in the 1980's. Posters from this period have been printed in editions, representing the top graphics of the world like Graphis Poster Annual (Switzerland), Novum Gebrauchsgraphic (Germany), Communication Arts (Canada) and Idea (Japan). You can see published works here.

In addition to posters, she has designed calendars, invitations, packages, business cards, CD and DVD covers, booklets and Christmas cards for companies. You can see the client portfolio here.

In the beginning of 1990's she began her career as a stylist and photographer. The jewellery, fashion and photo artist Tanel Veenre has characterised the photo-stagings taken by her as follows:

“Ruth’s pictures have certain mega-feminine world with pink and lettuce-coloured tights and lovely old-time shoes. Young girls jump down from the stairs and balance on the ball. I think Ruth is actually more like a stylist than a photographer, her stagings having an utmost specific atmosphere and nostalgic staffage, obtained from unimaginable places. Eesti Ekspress, Areen, 23.03.2004.

In the end of 1990's the artist branched out into a new field – book design. This is the artist’s favourite along with photography. Ruth has always designed books with designer Jüri Lõun, the photographer has been Tiit Veermäe, the stylist of the photos has been Ruth herself. Many collages presented here are from various books designed by Ruth, some of them from Christmas cards and some of them done just “for beauty”.

“List this book yourself and you’ll see all these vignettes, details, pail Latvian models, different letter types and background colours, inexplicably mixed desire for old times and coolness of new time, which connects three centuries by illustrations.”
Priit Hõbemägi, Eesti Päevaleht, 07.02.2004.

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