All photos and collages can be seen at the gallery. To order:

1. Choose a suitable photo or collage.
2. Choose the size of the picture and in which form you would like to get it.
3. Click on your contact data and address, where to send the picture.

You can order a photo in three different forms:

1. The photo is rolled – it is not stuck on the base nor framed. In case you would like to frame the photo yourself or stick it to the kappa we recommend you to use the services of a professional. To stick a photo to kappa demands extreme accuracy and if you do it yourself, it can happen that there will be bubbles between the photo and kappa or it will tear or curl later. A rolled picture is fragile and one should be extremely careful about its surface. While putting the photo up on the wall we recommend using white gloves.

2. A laminated or not laminated photo attached to a Kapa-Mount 10 mm base, unframed.

3. A laminated or not laminated photo attached to a Kapa-Mount 5 mm base and framed with a mat silvery aluminium frame.

What is laminating?

Laminating is covering a photo with a thin plastic layer. The colour and texture of the laminated photo are a little “duller” than of a not laminated one, but it is extremely durable.

The surface of a not laminated photo has brighter colours and velvety paper, but it’s durable to environmental effects.

You can order collages in one size.

Collages themselves are of different sizes. They are attached to a base and surrounded by passe-partout, which can be formed and glassed. The recommended size of a ready picture is 50 x 70 cm. You can find more precise information while buying, then you can choose the most suitable parameters.

Your order will be filled within 2 weeks after receipt of payment. The delivery time will be added to this depending on the company offering this service.